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Basic Psychometrics for Non-psychometricians

About This Course

Psychological test is widely known as an instrument intended to measure psychological aspects and is being used for various purposes. So as a scissor, it is a tool. It can be very useful and helpful if being used properly, but it can also be damaging if we do not really understand what it purports to use and how to use it. That is the reason why psychometrics relevant.

This course is for anyone — from novices, students, practitiones, professionals — who has interest in psychological test and wants to have a better understanding of the psychometric properties underlies it. Prepare in advance or take this course simultaneously to get the most out of your experience by engaging with communities ethically, respectfully, and sustainably.

Developed by an experienced team of Atma Jaya Catholic University of Indonesia content experts, this course is design to be both engaging and challenging. Throughout the course, you will have many opportunities to try out and apply the principles and concepts you’re learning.



No prior psychological test or psychometrics experience necessary in general, but it will be helpful to have prior knowledge about statistics and skills in using statistical tools such as Microsoft Excel.


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